Important Notes

Your TRADEBIT.EXCHANGE Wallet is used to receive bitcoin from you (in order to create ADs with proof that you have bitcoin to trade), and receive bitcoin from trades with other members (when you buy bitcoin).

You, and only you, have absolute control of this wallet and you can freely move bitcoin from and to other wallets.

WE DO NOT STORE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS! Your keys are generated on this web browser, in this computer (NOT IN OUR SERVERS), and is never transmitted on the network.

YOU MUST BACKUP YOUR KEYS OFFLINE. The system guides you on the backup process when you create the TRADEBIT.EXCHANGE Wallet

All transactions signature process occurs on the web browser, never on the server

Your private keys are also used on multisgnatures transactions (2 out of 3 signatures) on the TRADEBIT.EXCHANGE Escrow Wallet.

In order to increase signature convenience you only need to inform your keys one time every time you login, since it will be stored in your browser during your session

Keep the private key on this web browser only if you are the unique user of this computer

You can store and clear your keys from the browser at any moment. Make sure you clear the private keys from the browser if you are not using your personal computer or device.

Your private key is automatically removed from your web browser after a user LOG IN, and after an explicitly LOGOUT. But it will not be removed if you just close web browser window.

TRADEBIT.EXCHANGE Wallet uses modern standards: BIP-32, BIP-39 , BIP-44.